Need to control your infrastructure? Optimize the use of your storage? Anticipate your evolutions? Understand your IS’ behaviour?

Stordata offers to analyze and map your information system, gather an inventory of the infrastructural ressources at your disposal, highlight how they are currently used and provide you with recommendations on how their use could be enhanced.

Objective: to push forward your infrastructure and to increase its performance, its capacity and its security, at the right cost.

Unique tools on the market, a proven methodology

To do so, Stordata has created a tool box composed of:

  • A specific collection oriented “multi-brand storage” system, targeting performance and use, from the application to the storage equipment,
  • An efficient analysis approach to gather a comprehensive and prompt result,
  • A detailed presentation of our results, addressed as much to mangers as to engineers.
  • Potential recommendations.

Expertise in data management

This analysis, carried out by our experts, allows us to highlight potential issues and elaborate first level recommendations. These can touch on:

  • The evolution of the current infrastructure through the addition of new equipment, or a reorganization of the existing one,
  • Replacement of part or all infrastructure,
  • Change in the setting of specific elements.

Adapted recommendations

Stordata’s recommendations allow you to understand the level of effort to be undertaken in order to achieve your goal.

This includes:

  • An upgrade for the holding of SLA performance or availability,
  • A structural change, organizational, hardware or software, to accommodate a change in scope whether large or minimal,
  • Corrections to put the infrastructure in a stable operational state.

Some Use Cases

Insurance company

Storage Audit


In the logic of development of its infrastructure and the consideration of new requirements, the customer wanted to audit the use of its storage and map its volumetry.


  • Inventory and interviews
  • Collection and performance records
  • Mapping arrays and performance analysis
  • Identification of trends, sub and overconsumption by Bay protocol, volume, LUN datastore VMWare
  • Recommended changes the specification need

Technical scope

  • 4 bays NetApp FAS, with about 160 volumes
  • Protocol CIFS / NFS / iSCSI
  • VMWare and Citrix Farms

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