Integration Mission

Your projects are critical, you need a guaranteed state of the art integration of your data infrastructure.

Stordata offers a team of experts, regularly certified by publishers and manufacturers, operating with a recognized methodology, and ensuring an integration consistent with the “best practices” of each technology in place.

Competence recognized by manufacturers and publishers

For 30 years, Stordata has exceled in the field of data management through specialized integration teams and a focus on a single business. Stordata, just like its customers, chooses the most relevant offers on the market to add to its catalog.

In this product range, the Stordata integration team is aware of all the news. It is trained and certified at the highest level of all the bids of the market, as witnessed by our recent awards:

NetApp (best MetroCluster integrator C-Dot award Insight 2016 “Outstanding Contribution by a Team NetApp Tech Partner” …)

CommVault (CVSA level obtained by several Stordata engineers)

And other contributions from Cisco, EMC / Networker etc …

Mastery of integration until the start of production

Unlike some conventional or generalist integrators, Stordata’s accompaniment does not stop with the signing a project’s receipt. Stordata maintains in operational conditions all installed architectures. By choosing Stordata as your integrator, you have the assurance of a long-term follow up and the maximum availability of our engineers without any outsourcing.

Certified experts

Stordata leads a continuous policy of certification of its engineers. This has a threefold purpose:

  • Guaranteeing the excellence of our integration engineers for our customers,
  • Ensuring our partners, Builders and Editors of the competence of our teams,
  • Continually improving the skills and technical merit of Stordata’s personnel

Stordata’s internal requirements for its integration team go well beyond the requirements of manufacturers and publishers, with up to 5 times the number of engineers required on each technology.

The Stordata service, ensuring a consistent integration

At Stordata, Integration and Maintenance work together in a virtuous circle.

  • All technical issues built during the integration process are available to the Software and Hardware Engineers, thus facilitating the passing of informations between Integration and Support.
  • The improvements recommended by the support, for example when the manufacturer’s “best practice” changes following an upgrade, is communicated from the Support the Integration teams in order to ensure continued high quality integrations.

Each team benefits from the experience of the other, improving on a daily basis the technical mastery on the records achievements.

The handover between integration and support within the same technical service constantly guarantees our customers an installation in accordance with best practices imposed by publishers and manufacturers. The integration service owes, just like Stordata’s customer support, a total maintainability respecting all the interoperability matrices between the different products.