Service & Support

Your production is critical, you need a support proportional to your needs, listening, responsive, and ensuring the availability of your infrastructure.

Stordata provides its customers with a multi-manufacturer support, multi-editor, aware of critical production issues and acting in total autonomy.

Expertise guaranteed by the manufacturers and software editors

Stordata trains and certifies its engineers support on all storage technologies, Backup, Server, Network and Virtualization maintained by the company. This constant process of certification offers a double guarantee:

  • A manufacturer-class expertise to the customer,
  • The highest level of expertise as affirmed by our manufacturers and software partners.

Global support, maintenance solution

Stordata offers comprehensive software support and onsite hardware maintenance. For a better comfort of its customers, Stordata provides a single number that high-level support experts answer, regardless of the technology concerned.

The fundamental asset of a multi-brand support is to be relevant when the cause of an incident is an incompatibility between two technologies (backup software and array, for instance).

Before selecting an offer and including it in its catalog, Stordata audits the supplier in order to ensure that the third level of support to which Stordata commits on all projects, offers a level of expertise and responsiveness in phase with the high level of skills demanded its customers.

Stordata also ensures kinship of its suppliers offers.

Unmatched Resources

The Stordata support service engages on the results of its operations and on availability levels. This implies total control of logistics and full autonomy regarding on-site intervention decisions. That is why Stordata has access to all the spare parts of our customers’ equipment and operates its own logistics. Zero subcontracting and an ultra-short decision circuit allow us to deliver excellent responsiveness and ensure a quick restart of the client’s production.

Stordata has in its laboratories, all supported hardware and software platforms, ensuring the best conditions of reproduction of incidents, including those related to system performance. Very large investments are made every year to update our infrastructure.

Born in IS Production

Proximity is a key point of Stordata’s support organization. Most of our company’s support engineers have a strong production experience. They understand that their primary objective is to restore a nominal production on site. We can sometimes, in a very short decision chain, provide hardware to immediately restore production and properly diagnose the issue after the production is restored.

For these very same proximity reasons, Stordata buys all parts of the equipment whose maintenance is under our responsibility. This allows us to deliver replacement hardware, restore service to the customer and resolve the failure later, in our laboratory.

Stordata has various local branches with parts inventory throughout France to ensure all levels of service required by its clients are met.

Stordata uses all modern means of remote hand terminal (Webex, VPN etc …) to help diagnose software problems. However, in rare cases, it is necessary to send a software specialist on site in order to gain precious time in the problem’s resolution. Stordata contractually ensures on-site availability of software support specialist when the situation demands it.

A constant measuring of the quality of service

Nothing is more frustrating for a customer than to consider that the support service to which it has subscribed is not sufficiently involved in the resolution of its production incidents.

At Stordata, a rating system of the quality of software support, such as hardware maintenance, has been in place since our company’s creation. This system has an impact on the remuneration of the engineering and technical support services. Only the quality of the answers and call tracking is taken into account. We understand the complexity and criticality of the production infrastructure and strive to offer every day, high-quality support. For these reasons, each claim can only be closed with the explicit permission of the customer.

We are aware that the reputation of the quality of our software and hardware support is a key factor in the success and sustainability of our company.